Thickness measurement systems for non-critical conditions

 The MTS 7202.T is equipped with optoNCDT LL laser sensors, where the point-shaped laser beam is widened to a small line via a special cylindrical lens. The reflected light received is averaged using a special software algorithm. The interference caused by shiny metals is completely filtered out.

MTS 7202.T is available in two different performance classes, both based on laser triangulation technology with several measuring ranges and measurement widths.

The laser beams of both sensors are adjusted using a specially developed, optoelectronic tool offering the highest precision. Due to its high measuring rate, the system is ideal for monitoring highly dynamic processes. Automatic inline calibration ensures that measurements are not influenced by temperature.

Special features:

  •     Accuracy from ±1.2µm
  •     Measuring ranges up to 50mm
  •     Immersion depth up to 500mm
  •     Special sizes on request
  •     Measuring rate up to 49kHz

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