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The precision of optical profilometers can be improved using advanced combi-sensors, which can be arranged in three dirfferent configurations.

Tire Technology International magazine | 03/2017 | UKi Media & Events

On the basics of increased quality and cost pressures, inline inspection of product quality has become an integral part of quality control. This is particularly true in plastics processing and injection moulding, where defect detection and colour control of components are important aspects of the production cycle.

Automation Technologies | 4/2016 | Vereinigte Fachverlage

Working in high pressures, extreme temperatures or under high shock and vibration, eddy current sensors are proven to remain reliable and stable.

09/2016 | Engine Technology International magazine | UKi Media & Events

Working in high pressures, extreme temperature or high shock and vibration, eddy current sensors remain and stable in the most demanding conditions.

Engine Technology International magazine | 06/2016 | UKI Media & Events

In the production of aluminium strips, strip thickness is one of the most important parameters, since it is significant for further processing. Width too plays a major role – among other things when the material is slit into individual rings.

International ALUMINIUM Journal | 03/2016 | Giesel Verlag GmbH

Switchable target material, miniature size, a wide speed range and high operating temperature are among the advantages of a new generation of turbo speed sensor.

Engine Technology International magazine | 03/2016 | UKI Media & Events

Micro-Epsilon explains how to effectively optimize the measurement performance of infrared pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras typically used in the tire preperation area.

Tire Technology International magazine | 03/2016 | UKI Media & Events

Eddy current displacement sensors are a pillar of non-contact industrial measurement technology, offering many advantages.

Engine Technology International magazine | January 2016 | UKI Media & Events

Advances in eddy current sensor technology are streamlining production, improving performance and increasing the amount of availible customization.

Engine Technology Magazine | January 2015 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Blue-violet laser light is resistant to much of the infrared interference that plagues red laser measuring techniques, and can play a vital role in observing displacement in engine design.

Engine Technology Magazine | September 2014 | UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Modern production processes are becoming increasingly complex and high speed. Low raw material input should contribute to resource and energy conservation. In order to meet the needs of machine building and automation tasks, sensors are becoming smaller and smaller, while also gaining integration capabilities.

Automation Technologies | 5/2014 | Vereinigte Fachverlage

As well as the miniaturisation and increasing functionality of non-contact displacement sensors based on electromagnetic measuring principles, smooth process integration is also a decisive factor in highly automated industrial production environments. Integrated sensors control the quality not only of the finished product but also the optimisation of production processes.

E+E International | 4/2014 | publish industry


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