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The width of an object is often an important aspect for dimension control. The width can in some circumstances be interpreted as thickness and can therefore be resolved using thickness measurement. Different ...

Böjning, deformation, vågighet

If objects are loaded with a weight or moved free-standing over a certain distance, a smaller or larger warping of the object always occurs. Measuring this deflection can be accomplished for larger objects ...

Diameter, excentricitet, koncentrisitet

The diameter of an object can be established in different ways. If the centre of the object is known, a single sensor is sufficient for the measurement whose result is evaluated with the position of the ...

Dimensioner, toleranser, sortering, produktigenkänning

Dimensions usually designate the significant linear dimensions of an object. Dimensions can be measured in different ways. Under certain circumstances, one sensor can measure the complete dimensions for ...


Measuring distance, often also called displacement describes measuring the distance between 2 points. This distance is defined in the measuring technique by the distance of the sensor from the target. ...


Filling levels can be measured directly or indirectly in many ways using displacement sensors. The confocal principle is usually applied for liquids in doing so. The filling level measurement for solids ...

Detektering av färg

Every visible body emits light, which is why colour can be used to evaluate objects in automation technology. Sensors sort products by colour, inspect incoming goods, detect colour and print marks, control ...

Gap, spalt, valsgap, vals konvexitet

If two object edges are joined together, a gap always remains. If the gap has to satisfy technical or visual requirements, the course with respect to the size must be checked. If the gap should be measured ...

Lyfthöjd, lyftning

Lifting height is a factor which must be measured very frequently. A lifting height measurement is necessary everywhere where automatic lifting processes should make the daily work easier. The measurement ...

Positionering, centrering, lutning, inriktning

Different parts must often be positioned or products put in a specified place in production systems or for automatic movements. Thereby, sensors can only transmit the distance information to the controller ...

Profil, kontur, yta

The surface or the surface profile is frequently a decisive factor in quality inspection. Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are frequently used for this. If traversing laser point sensors are used, these ...

Temperaturmätning, yttemperatur, intelligent pyrometer

Temperature is a critical factor in many processes and must often be measured. Non-contact infrared measurement is often the better alternative for this as compared with tactile methods. Temperature measurement ...

Tjocklek på plattor, plåt, folie, gummi, isolering, skivmaterial

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors is a wide application area. Basically there are distinctions between non-destructive/destructive, non-contact/with contact and one-side/two-sided thickness ...

Kompressor/turbin gap, varvtal

When parts are rotating, their speed can always be measured. Speed sensors which are directly attached to the shaft are usually suitable for this. If this is not possible, other measuring principles must ...


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