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Gap analysis in axial piston pumps

So far, gap measurements inside the pumps were not possible because of the extreme requirements. The sensors must be resistant to high speeds, high pressures up to 1,000 bar and temperatures above 100 °C. Furthermore, the pumps are extremely compact, which significantly limits the space available for integration of sensors. Thanks to the extremely small sensor designs and their high pressure and temperature stability, the eddyNCDT inductive miniature sensors are ideal for this application. The eddyNCDT 3300 eddy current measuring system, which is one of the most powerful systems in the world, is therefore used on the test rig for evaluating the pumps.

Övervakning av fristående strukturer

Höga fritstående strukturer som kranar övervakas med hjälp av givare som ger tidiga varningar om risk för olyckor till följd av att kranen välter.

Mätning av slitage i lager

I moderna marina dieselmotorer är vevaxellagret föremål för regelbundet underhåll. För förbyggande underhåll används induktiva givare (virvelströmsgivare) för att ständigt övervaka slitaget på lager. Trots hårda omgivningsförhållanden som höga temperaturer, smörjmedel och tryck mäter givarna rörelsen på lager för långvarig användning på ett tillförlitligt sätt.

Kolvposition i hydraulcylinder

I moderna hydraulcylindrar detekteras kolvpositionen kontinuerligt med Micro-Epsiloins induktiva lägesgivare som är direkt integrerade i cylindern. Den robusta konstruktionen gör det möjligt för givaren att tillhandahålla stabila mätvärden trots tryck och olja.

Recommended sensor technology


Kollisionsdetektion i gräsklippare

I jordbruksmaskiner övervakar givare gräsklipparen för att detektera kollisioner. Vid kollision med t ex sten uppstår en rörelse, som givaren registrerar, och klipparen stängs omedelbart av för att eventuella skador kan minskas eller undvikas.

Detektering av position av kolven i en hydrualcylinder

För att detektera position av kolven i en hydrualcylinder är magnetostriktiva och induktiva givare vanligtvis integrerade direkt i cylindern. Ett alternativ är den magneto-induktiva givaren mainSENSOR. Magneten monteras så att den överför sitt magnetfält till kolvstången. Givaren som är monterad utanför detekterar magnetfältfördelningen längs stången och omvandlar detta till en linjär utsignal vilket motsvarar kolvpositionen.

Recommended sensor technology

Magnet-induktiva avståndssensorer

Jib lengths of mobile cranes

The current jib length is important when calculating the torque of the load on the crane. This length is measured with an integrated draw-wire sensor. This simple and telescopic measuring principle makes wire sensors predestined for the task. The sensors can also be retrofitted.

Precision synchronized lifting system

Synchronized lifting systems enable the raising and lowering of heavy loads controlled for distance and force or the controlled forward feed of large components. To achieve this, eight or more cylinders are connected to a central high pressure hydraulic system (700 bar). The travel displacement of each individual cylinder must be measured as the actual value for the synchronized movement and supplied to the closed/open loop controller. Draw-wire displacement sensors of the wireSENSOR Series P60 are employed for this task.

Displacement measurement on slag transporter

Draw-wire sensors are used to reduce the standstill time of slag transporters during the loading and unloading. They are installed on the tipping cylinder and the support cylinder. In this way, the signal of a limit switch no longer has to be waited for. Depending on the load state, the transporter can start the journey earlier. The sensor also withstands this demanding environment using a special case and wire extensions.

Lift height of a catering vehicle

Catering vehicles play an important role in passenger air traffic. They are responsible for there being enough foodstuffs on board. It is especially difficult with the Airbus A380 to reach the loading hatch with the vehicle. Therefore, the load area of the scissor platform is also maneuverable. Draw-wire sensors are perfectly suitable for measuring this displacement.

Rack control unit - lift height

The frequently used automatic rack control units make modern warehousing much easier. These units must automatically travel long distances and position the products with millimetre precision at the end. Modern optical laser sensors and also draw-wire sensors are used to monitor this movement. Draw-wire sensors are the more economical solution for distances up to 50 metres. Laser sensors which determine the distance using time of flight measurement are suitable for larger distances. Distances can be precisely measured and loads can be exactly positioned or delivered with their help.

Crane support distance

A truck-mounted crane is frequently the better solution in many cases where loads have to be lifted. As a mobile solution, safety also plays an important role here. Therefore a load torque limiter controls whether the crane can still lift or not. In order to ensure the maximum permitted load, the side crane supports must always be completely extended. If this would not be possible due to lack of space, the crane could not be put into operation. The dynamic process for measuring how far the crane supports have been extended facilitates a calculation of the permitted load capacity. Thus, the use of truck-mounted cranes can also be ensured where space is restricted..

Lift platform – lift height

Side supports against tipping over are installed for lift trucks and lift work platforms. The crane or the platform can only be put into operation when the supports are completely extended so that there is also no danger of tipping in the case of long extension frames. However, sometimes this is not possible for spatial reasons. Therefore draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for measuring how far the supports are extended. A dynamic load torque limit across the actual support area is thus produced. Redundant measurement is performed as this is a safety relevant measured value.

Synchronised lifting system lift height

Mobile lifting jacks are being used more and more often for commercial and railed vehicles. The lifting jacks for commercial vehicles are often designed as column lifts. In contrast, railed vehicles are often lifted on the frame. Any number of these lifting jacks can be combined into one system. As each lifting jack has its own drive for the lifting movement, the individual devices must be synchronised in order to ensure a completely level and oscillation-free movement. The lifting movement of each lifting jack is measured with a draw-wire sensor for this.

Forklift lifting height

A large part of internal transportation is performed by forklifts. The risk of tipping the forklift when products are lifted is high. Therefore, the permitted speed has been restricted with limit switches. Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the current lift height and make continuous speed regulation possible, depending on the height of the products.


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